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First progress of new mill

A little more half a year past from time of implementation in the electric pipe-welding shop 2 of new modern highly productive TPEWA 60-219 (producer: “SMS MEER”). With its startup the shop and plant as a whole obtained the opportunity to solve the task of the growth of volumes of production, and, furthermore, to enlarge essentially the assortment of the pipes with the high consumer and operational properties produced by enterprise.
Today, at TPEWA 60-219, for the first time in the history of the plant, it is developed the manufacture of the profile pipes of square section by the size of 80×80 mm; 100×100 mm; 120×120 mm; 150×150 mm, the profile pipes of rectangular cross section - 200×100 mm; 100×60 mm, round pipes ø 159 mm and ø 219mm. Within the next few days the production of pipes by the size of 180×180 mm; 140×140 mm will be adjusted. The developing of all the assortment of pipes, which might be produced by new mill, will considerably allow enlarging the geography of the market for the sale of this production.

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