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System of quality management in action

The system of quality management (SQM) at the enterprise is developed in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2000 and function many years, but its official acceptance occurred in 2005, when the accredited authority for certification TÜV NORD CERT (Germany) according to the results of certification audit the certificate of correspondence was given out. Requirements for the System of the quality management, assigned in the standard ISO 9001:2000, are supplementing to the requirements, lodged to the production, i.e., the enterprise demonstrates its ability to supply the production, which corresponds to consumer needs and to corresponding compulsory requirements.
Functioning of SQM ensures the control of the organizational, commercial and technical activity of enterprise in sphere of quality, which makes it possible to satisfy all users demands.
The control of fulfilling of all users demands is achieved by method of the analysis of the reports of the leaders of processes, reports of leaders about the functioning of SQM in the subdivisions, and also by conducting internal audits.
Questions of functioning of SQM were examined every week at the conferences on a quality, conducted by technical director in one of the workshops, with the attraction of the leaders of departments and services of enterprise.
The system of quality management of enterprise, the base of which is the process of method of approaching to its functioning, assumes development, documentation and introduction of procedures in accordance with the requirements ISO 9001:2000, its constant improvement.
For the purpose of more rational distribution of authorities and responsibility of personnel the structural and official changes were taken, on the basis of which the economic department in 2007 developed the new organizational structure of management of enterprise, and authorized on the quality - new organizational structure SQM, which were included into the Guidance on quality management.
At the enterprise is supported and improved the order of development, execution, agreement, change, assertion, guarantee of access, maintenance in running order of normative and technological documentation, withdrawals from the using of outdated and its archive storage.
For achievement the correspondence of production to the assigned requirements, the functioning of processes of SQM is ensured by labor, material and technical, financial resources, by equipment, the necessary infrastructure and production conditions are created.
Planning of the processes of the life cycle of production is accomplished in accordance with the requirements ISO 9001:2000, which include, first of all, the demands of consumers to the production, the analysis of contract and monitoring of the satisfactoriness of consumers, their expectations. This activity is achieved by a department of marketing and sale of the production of enterprise by the method of the periodic questioning of the satisfactoriness of customers. Thus, according to the results of questioning, for purposes of more complete satisfaction of the consumers demands, in the work of enterprise the following improvements were produced:
- the prompt loading of automobiles in the workshops is organized;
- the loading of railcars is postponed by night hours, in order not to create interferences with machine dispatches in the day time;
- the realization of production to the end consumer, but not to a mediator.
By the department of marketing the search of new consumers, analysis of the market research, price policy, financial stability of potential consumers and stability of their place on the market is always carried out. The carried out work allowed the enterprise to occupy worthy place on the market for the pipes of its segment the last year.
The determination of the necessary resources for product output and providing of them was accomplished by OMTS (Department of Material and Technical Supply) on the basis of the plan of production, standards of the expenditure of raw material and materials, claims of workshops and subdivisions in the need of material and technical resources. For providing the rhythm of production and stability of the quality of output production, OMTS accomplished the purchase of OEM components (add-in products) in the necessary quantity and of the established quality. Planning and production was accomplished under the controlled conditions, in accordance with the made contracts the planning tasks of production by the workshops were made, the terms of the execution of production programs were established, the production department accomplished the control of production schedules.
The process of production was accomplished in accordance with the acting technological instructions, was controlled and analyzed by the management of workshops for the purpose of exposure of nonconformities and deficiencies, which gave the possibility in proper time to develop and to take the corrective measures for their elimination.
One of the components of the estimation of the effectiveness of functioning SQM is an internal audit.
Internal audit inspections were carried out by the group of auditors, who passed their education in the Academy of TÜV NORD Ukraine, according to the plan of audit inspections, developed by chief auditor and affirmed as authorized on the quality. With the inspection by auditors were examined fulfilling the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2000, Guidance on quality management, the standards of enterprise, the presence and the application of VAT, requirements of the technological instructions and other documents of SQM. According to the results of audits was comprised the report, in which were indicated all nonconformities, revealed in the process of inspection. The copies of reports were sent to the subdivisions for developing the corrective measures.
In 2007 20 internal inspections were carried out, by which were subjected to TEWW-1, TEWW-2, WNC, WGPC, DTC, CML, OMTC, DM and other departments and services of the enterprise, in process of which a number of nonconformities were revealed.
All revealed nonconformities had non-critical nature and were removed within the established terms.
The effectiveness of the functioning of the System of quality management into enterprise was inspected by auditors TÜV NORD Ukraine, by General Representative TÜV NORD CERT in Ukraine.
Technical supervision was carried out on March 12th to 13th present year in the subdivisions of enterprise according to the assigned Plan of audit. In the process of audit a number of nonconformities was revealed, which had non-critical nature, which entitled of commission TÜV NORD Ukraine to confirm the action of the Certificate of correspondence on the system of quality management.
For purposes of improvement the effectiveness of functioning SQM, directed toward raising quality level of production and, in the final analysis, satisfaction of all requirements and expectations of consumer, operational stability of enterprise - to the leaders of structural subdivisions it is necessary:
- to perform systematically the work of improvement in the functioning SQM, excluding the repetition of the revealed nonconformities;
- in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, by Guidance on quality management, other documents SQM - to carry out quarterly the efficient analysis of functioning SQM in its subdivisions;
- in accordance with the Guidance on quality management, leaders of processes should quarterly carry out the analysis of the functioning of processes through the established criteria of their estimation and others.
Since the expiration date of the given out Certificate of correspondence concludes on January 8, 2009, this will allow the enterprise to be ready to conducting of the following certification audit with correspondence of the System of quality management of enterprise to requirements ISO 9001:2000.

E. BOGACHEV, the chief of engineering office.



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